Stinson Aerial Services receives UAV SFOC from Transport Canada for Comox Valley

Stinson Aerial Services Inc. is expanding its Aerial Services offering into the DRONE/UAV market. “With over 18 years of heavy lift helicopter operations management experience, this was a natural next step into advancing the aerial services business platform into this highly versatile airspace. Looking ahead the company intends to provide a platform of aircraft that will include payload capability” said Tim Stinson, Managing Director of Stinson Aerial.

On October 3, Stinson Aerial Services Inc. received Special Flight Operations Certificate for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operations. The SFOC was required for a Aerial Videography and Photography for an architectural DRONE survey operation in the Comox Valley.

“Pursuant to section 603.67 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, this constitutes your Special Flight Operations Certificate(SFOC), for the operation of a small unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system operated within visual line-of-sight, issued under the authority of the Minister pursuant to the Aeronautics Act.”


Tim Stinson successfully completed UAV Ground School

In November 2018, Tim Stinson successfully completed the UAV Ground School training course for UAV Operations offered by Heli Video Pros.

Stinson Aerial attends IPC 2018 – International Pipeline Conference

In September 2018, members of the pipeline industry from around the world gathered in Calgary for the 12th International Pipeline Conference (IPC 2018). Organized by volunteers representing international energy corporations, energy and pipeline associations and regulatory agencies, the IPC has become internationally renowned as the world’s premier pipeline conference. This is a not-for-profit conference and proceeds continue to support educational initiatives and research in the pipeline industry.

The International Pipeline Conference is designed to inform, enlighten and motivate! Thank you for your support of and involvement in the conference!  The organizers are already looking forward to 2020!

Tim Stinson successfully completed the HFI Rotor Safety Challenge

Stinson Aerial Services Inc. successfully completed the HFI Rotor Safety Challenge held during the 2018 HAI HELI-EXPO held in Las Vegas, Nevada February 26-28. Open to all HAI HELI-EXPO® attendees, the Rotor Safety Challenge features a broad selection of safety events and short sessions, conveniently scheduled on show days, that provide a forum for helicopter professionals to learn industry best practices.

Stinson Aerial Services Inc. receives BC Forest Safety Council Certification

On December 22, 2017, Stinson Aerial Services Inc. successfully met their annal ISEBASE Maintenance 1 – SAFE Companies audit requirement for 2017.  Expiry January 29, 2019.


Tim Stinson was Recently Interviewed by Helicopters Magazine

In the article Dealing With The New Normal, by Helicopters Magazine Tim Stinson was interviewed for his expertise in Aerial Logging.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Now, you are seeing them moving into the medium and medium- heavy – such as the Kamov, S-61, Vertol,” he said. “The timber profile seems to be more appropriate and the flies are getting a lot longer. Where we used to be 500 metres, now we are talking 1,000 metres plus.” Stinson just finished a project on the north end of Vancouver Island that has great implications for the future.

The goal of the project is to identify prime timber at the source and cut it with tender-loving care. “We are already seeing wood with a lack of fracture at the sort,” Stinson said. “We want to be able to track that through the mill and see the uptick in value.”

Read the Full Article

Aircraft In 2-Pass Grapple Configuration Delivers High Value And Increases Margin Safely

In May, Stinson Aerial Services completed a BCTS Timber Sale in Burman River, British Columbia, where 3 aircraft were used in configuration to accumulate over 613 flight hours on an hourly basis over a 37-day period. Stinson Aerial developed a positive relationship with the Gold River – Mowachaht / Muchalaht First Nation throughout the project. Managing their cultural interests was a top priority, which included falling and yarding around culturally significant CMT’s.

The heavy-lift S-64 Aircrane, capable of 20,000lbs of lift and leased by Western Forest Products, yarded 82% of the volume and worked concurrently with the K-Max, a 6,000lb aircraft operated by HeliQwest Avation, to yard over 45,000m3 using a grapple system. A B206, supplied by E&B Helicopters, was also used to support the project.

Stinson Aerial Services was Prime Contractor for the operation and provided the supervision, project management, and quality control services under the aircraft while contracting two falling companies, with a rotation of 12 fallers to complete the project.

Stinson Aerial to Attend the 2016 IPC in Calgary

Stinson Aerial will be attending the 2016 International Pipeline Conference & Exposition in Calgary, taking place from September 26th through to September 30th. Stinson Aerial is excited to once again participate in this internationally renowned educational summit and to further our working knowledge of the pipeline industry.

Stinson Aerial at the 2016 CHC Safety & Quality Summit

In April, we attended the 2016 CHC Safety & Quality Summit in Vancouver, BC – an internationally recognized safety summit dedicated to improving the human factors of aviation safety.

Stinson Aerial joined hundreds of aviation professionals, exhibitors, and educators with the collective focus of reducing risk in aviation and sharing industry knowledge.

Stinson Aerial Assists With Emergency Dam Project

In September, Stinson Aerial Services provided heavy lift helicopter services to assist with the emergency reinforcement of the upper dam at Myra Falls, British Columbia.

We teamed with Canadian Air-Crane Ltd. (CAC) to place an excavator, boom and counter weight plus 27 concrete blocks to the upper dam in under 7 hours of flight time. The task required 9 heavy lifts of the concrete blocks in multiples of 3, weighing 14,500 lbs per lift.

Western Forest Products Inc., who operates the Erickson S64 Aircrane on an annual basis, released the aircraft for use in this emergency project. The S64 pilots put the excavator together with precision in 3 pieces under direct supervision of the CAC project managers.

We were proud to assist with this project and work with such a great team of professionals.