Our experience is global. We’ve worked around the world and developed partnerships and managed aerial services for a variety of industries.

The following is a brief snapshot of some of our work:

    • Developed AOC Partnerships in Latin America, Argentina, Papua New Guinea
    • Developed pipeline stringing and stacking operation for Petronus – Sabah Gas Pipeline Borneo
    • Pennsylvania pipeline forĀ Meridien Energy – Marc I Hub Line
    • US Heavy Lift Aircraft certification in Peru
    • Drilling and pipeline operations support
    • Facilitating research and development with vacuum lift under the aircraft for pipeline stringing and stacking

The following is a list of the remote locations at which we provided heavy-lift operations solutions:

    • Northern Canada
    • Artic regions
    • Alaska
    • Lower 48
    • East Malaysia
    • Papua New Guinea
    • South America (Peru and Brazil)

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