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Consulting, Sales & Training, Youth Development

A Wealth of Experience

Our aviation team brings a wealth of experience to help you identify the benefits and minimize risks for employing UAV technology for your business needs.


Identify the benefits and minimize risks

We are experienced in manned and unmanned aviation with a team of current and former civilian pilots, air traffic controllers, global business executives, logistics specialists, and project management professionals.

Drone Sales & Leasing

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the product you need

Stinson Aerial Services can provide whatever UAV equipment rentals, new and used sales, you need for the task. We have many options from tethered, fixed wing to multi-rotor devices and sensors from high end optical to thermal/IR, multispectral and LIDAR.

No matter the industry we will supply the equipment you need – forestry, emergency responce, building inspection, land survey, utility & power, marine inspection, fire and more.

Drone Service

Ready when you need it

We can service and maintain your Drone, UVA and specialty sensors. The service and repair are provided locally by professionals familiar with your equipment. From system diagnostics to system calibrations, firmware updates and repairs, our technicians will ensure that every repair is professionally tested to guarantee that your equipment is always ready.


Redeploy your staff

Stinson Areal services will supply any required equipment and expertise required for initial services. Once the required components are in place, training can be provided to your current staff. Many of our inspection devices have built-in collision avoidance, centering and face-lock options that are easy to use, your staff can retool their skills with the benefit of our effective training syllabus. We can also provide software training necessary for any type of analysis or data transmission. Need more in-depth training and certification for your team? We can manage that too.

Training Beyond the Basics

  • Compliant UAV Pilot
  • UAV Flight Planning for Data Capture and Analysis
  • UAV use for Emergency Responders
  • SFOCs and Regulations

Youth Development

Developing RPAS/ Drone Skills and Entrepreneurship

We are working with First Nations and schools such as British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and others. We develop and provide flight training programs that exemplify industrial applications and provide for entrepreneurship for local youth in the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) / drone industry. RPAS offers a broad selection of capability expertise offering youth diverse opportunities. Stinson Aerial is also working with The Tsawalk Learning Centre and Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre on an RPAS training program that will link to their current entrepreneurial courses.

Fields of Interest Available to Youth:

  • RPAS / Drone pilots
  • RPAS / Drone equipment repair
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Tourism Photography
  • Wildlife Encounters & Monitoring

Here are some samples of Our youth at work

3D model - Namgis Fish Hatchery, Nimpkish River