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Drone Services

Tethered, Untethered and Confined Space

Drones can dramatically reduce costs of data collection and data transmission that up until now would require expensive equipment like booms and dollies or even helicopters or other manned aircraft.

Tethered Drone

Unbroken Access

A tethered drone or tethered UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a drone connected to a ground station with a physical and secure tether that provides power and data through a cable connected to a ground control station. Tethered drones provide persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance capabilities as well as high-bandwidth communications. Tethered UAVs systems are perfect platforms for pop-up telecommunications by acting as airborne antennas. Tethered drones can fly for days and are being used by major industrial companies and government agencies. Whether you already own a drone or are looking for a turnkey system, Stinson Aerial Services can help.

Confined Space

Innovative barrier to human risk with a repeatable & measurable inspection process

With the innovation of LiDar, flying application-specific drones inside a confined space can replace a traditional scaffolding method for better data captured that is repeatable in minutes versus days. Get up close and inspect near 100% of your confined space with high-resolution data-capture that includes photo measurement software. Stinson Aerial Services can provide the perfect solution for inspection teams or companies in the Oil & Gas, Utility, Pulp & Paper, and Maritime industries. Our technology and services will save time, maximize safety, reduce liability, and save money.

Utilizing LIDAR for navigation and collision avoidance

  • Operate in pitch black environments
  • Fly against many different surfaces
  • Inherently more stable flight
  • Works where GPS & compass do not
  • Catalogs distance measurements all flight

Access hard to reach, vertical environments

  • Controllable by anyone onsite
  • Wireless 30x optical zoom camera
  • Photo Measurement tracks defects


Track issues with confidence and make informed decisions

By using Photo Measurement Software, to track maintenance issues you can quickly and accurately assess defects with an exact measurement regardless of who is evaluating the photos. Maintenance requirements can be predicted by measuring defects over time. You can make true operational decisions based on your company’s fault limitations. Inspectors can now measure defect size and standardize inspections as time goes on.

Data Management

A high-speed and fully secured network — anywhere

Create robust aerial broadband connectivity in the air for aerial surveillance, infrastructure monitoring, and more. Tethered UAVs systems are perfect platforms for pop-up telecommunications by acting as an airborne data tower providing high-speed and fully secured data transfer. Create a private network with unlimited bandwidth wherever you need it. Our attention to detail ensures that the data compiled can be used to make efficient decisions.