Drones / UAV

Increasing work efficiency and productivity while decreasing workload and production costs

With over 18 years of heavy-lift helicopter operations management experience, this was a natural next step into advancing the aerial services business platform into this highly versatile market. Segment development will include Agriculture, Forestry, Hyrdo, Oil&Gas, Real Estate, and Adventure Filming & Photography. Looking ahead the company intends to provide a platform of aircraft that will include payload capability.

In September 2018, Stinson Aerial Services received an SFOC (Special Flight Operating Certificate) from Transport Canada for an architectural project utilizing 360-degree viewpoints for a building proposal in the Comox Valley.

Utilizing drones / UAV in the early planning stages of a project or during the operation can provide the owner with real-time data, translating into better decision-making tools. Drones dramatically reduce the cost associated with gathering action or aerial footage that up until now would require expensive equipment like booms and dollies or even helicopters or other manned aircraft.

Drones have multiple uses, which include:

  • Aerial photography for journalism and film
  • Express shipping and delivery
  • Gathering information or supplying essentials for disaster management
  • Thermal sensor drones for search and rescue operations
  • Geographic mapping of inaccessible terrain and locations
  • Building safety inspections
  • Precision crop monitoring
  • Unmanned cargo transport
  • Law enforcement and border control surveillance
  • Storm tracking and forecasting hurricanes and tornadoes

Increasing work efficiency and productivity, decreasing workload and production costs, improving accuracy, refining service and customer relations, and resolving security issues on a vast scale are a few of the top uses drones offer industries globally.

Drones possess the capability of reaching the most remote areas with little to no manpower needed and require the least amount of effort, time, and energy.

  • Farmers use drones to monitor livestock on vast spreads of land.
  • Fire departments can use drones to track and map wildfires.
  • Private companies can use drones to monitor their infrastructure such as pipelines, buildings, and so on.
  • Using drones to inspect power lines, towers, tall structures like chimneys and roofs would save businesses vast amounts of money and would reduce liability exposure from having humans in harm’s way.

Drones can carry sensing equipment to assist with any number of functions. Geological surveying, agriculture, archeology, and several other industries can benefit greatly from the myriad of sensors that can be packed into a drone.

Stinson Aerial Services working with the Gravity MTB Development Team, are building a reputation for mountain bike filming and photography. We expect to further utilize this drone technology to improve the competitiveness of its athletes in 2019