Ground Crew, Meet Your Air Crew.

You’ve got a ground crew, let us source and manage your air crew. With Stinson Aerial, you’ll always have the right aircraft and the right personnel for the job. From experienced air-crane operators to night-vision-certified aircraft, we can find the right fit for your needs.

Work more efficiently and more cost-effectively with our aerial services and project management experience, including:

  • Hydroseeding application
  • Heli-logging operations, including Standing Stem logging and Heavy Lift logging
  • Heavy-lift for transport of equipment
  • Firefighting support (fire suppression and long-line bucket)
  • Personnel transportation/evacuation
  • Drone Services

As the climate change continues to provide weather of extremes, Stinson Aerial Services DRONES can be used following substantial weather events to ensure structures and access are safe and open. Identifying early where to place capital to repair access will be crucial to keep production targets on track.