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Early Planning of Heavy Lift Helicopters Saves Money and Time

Stinson Aerial Services Inc. provided heavy lift helicopter estimates for  TransCanada Pipeline. The estimates involved aerial pipe joint stringing / stacking for their El Encino-Topolobampo pipeline construction project in Mexico.

Based on a detailed logistics plan, we were able to outline our helicopter production assumptions for the project. The proposal included a per-linear-metre pricing matrix, which identified helicopter production rates for the 30” – 12m pipe joints, as well as expected delivery targets in number of days.

This was a critical step in turning an hourly aircraft into a productive, unit-cost-based aircraft. Our detailed proposal will help TransCanada stay on target and on budget.

Early planning of helicopter use into the construction phases, when difficult areas are identified, is crucial to accessing appropriate aircraft at competitive operational rates. Early and detailed planning improves efficiency, ensuring the aircraft will be fully utilized while on site to reduce the time on location.

Sourcing aircraft during the construction phase often results in aircraft scheduling conflicts or high spot market prices, so it’s best to plan and source as early as possible.

With early planning of heavy lift helicopters during the construction phase, Stinson helped TransCanada find the most efficient solution for its helicopter needs. Call Tim Stinson at 1-250-897-5531 or contact us to discuss your aerial service needs during your construction phases.

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