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Gather the data you need at a fraction of the cost

Our drones are equipped with advanced sensing equipment to assist in site surveys and inspections, even in the most complex of environments. We use our drones to mitigate risks and costs while optimizing data capture efficiency in environmental research, forestry, energy, city planning, and more. 

Tethered drones for Incident Response

Emergency teams need the most efficient equipment to conduct their operations with the greatest reactivity and flexibility.

Drone Applications

  • Forestry

    Check access before you send your crew

    As climate change continues to provide weather of extremes, Stinson Aerial Services Drones can be used following substantial weather events to ensure structures and access are safe and open. Identifying early where to place capital to repair access will be crucial to keep production targets on track.

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  • Wildfire

    Track and map wildfires and ensure the safety of the team

    Tethered UAVs are flexible and quick enough to deploy by one operator to obtain an immediate and aerial view of the scene. The rescue teams can instantly conduct and coordinate their operations with an up to date intelligence of the environment and risks. Tethered systems sourced with thermal scanning capability to detect hot spot detection for fire control can ensure the safety of crews and target locations for the delivery of supplies and water. The ground station provides power to the drone allowing continuous monitoring of the situation as it develops. Tethered UAVs systems can provide pop up telecommunications by acting as airborne antennas. Cameras can both track the progress of a fire and maintain a visual on the location of firefighting teams.

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  • Incident Response

    Where lives are at stake and each second counts

    Emergency teams need the most efficient equipment to conduct their operations with the greatest reactivity and flexibility. We provide systems that are designed to provide flexibility, swiftness, and persistency to help locate survivors and direct rescuers to the scene. Tethered UAVs systems can provide pop up telecommunications by acting as airborne antennas. Easily transportable and simple to deploy solutions can be activated by a single user within a few seconds and can operate for hours.

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  • City Planning

    Building inspections and project monitoring can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost.

    Check bolts in rafters 100 meters off the ground without scaffolding. Our drone does not utilize the GPS or compass, the laser-based navigation is not susceptible to signal strength no matter what the depth or building construction material.

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  • Environmental Services

    Inspect the aging infrastructure properly

    By using drones pulp and paper plants can now inspect inside large assets with ease. By standardizing data with mirrored flight paths and tracking defects with the Photo Measurement Software, your company can greatly reduce the need to build scaffolding or deploy rope access teams in the future. Greatly cut down on outage times with robotic inspection technology and get your plant online sooner than ever before.

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  • Energy

    Confined space inspections

    Flying application-specific drones inside the ballast tank of cargo ship can replace a traditional scaffolding method for better data captured much quicker. Get up close and inspect near 100% of your tanks with the Legacy One and its high-resolution payload.

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Drone Services Aerial footage at a fraction of the cost

Tethered Drone

Provides persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities as well as high-bandwidth communications.

Confined Space

Flying application-specific drones inside a confined space can replace traditional scaffolding methods.

Data Management

Create a private network with unlimited bandwidth wherever you need it.


Track issues with confidence and make informed decisions.

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We are an experienced team of pilots, and professionals.

Sales & Leasing

We can provide whatever UAV equipment rentals, new and used sales, you need .


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We will provide training to your current staff.

Youth Development

We provide training programs for local youth in the drone/UVA industry and entrepreneurship.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I hired Stinson Aerial Services to provide a video survey of my farm property. They used state of the art drone technology combined with high powered editing software. Communication between Stinson Aerial and myself was good; they informed me when they would show up and then they did. The final report was prepared in a timely fashion and for a fair price. In addition, Stinson Aerial navigated a difficult situation as my farm lies adjacent to a military air-base. They coordinated drone flights with the base and did all the requisite paperwork and permits to make things happen. I was very happy with the outcome and I would strongly recommend Stinson Aerial Services for any of your aerial requirements.

Ben Davies, Peacefield Farm