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About Us

Delivering Results with Integrity & Innovation

We create innovative drone solutions to increase efficiency, prioritize safety and connect communities.

Welcome to Stinson Aerial Services Inc. where innovation meets safety

Established in 2012, Stinson Aerial has been at the forefront of leveraging drone technology to address natural resource challenges and provide cutting-edge solutions for clients throughout British Columbia and Alberta.


At Stinson Aerial, we understand that responsible drone operations are built on airmanship and safe practices.

In an era where the use of drones is expanding across diverse industries in Canada, we prioritize your project outcomes and safety above all else. Our team of Transport Canada certified advanced drone pilots adheres to the highest standards and regulations to ensure safety of people, property and the environment. Driven by a passion for innovation and commitment to excellence we deliver quality results and unparalleled solutions to every project we tackle.

Our experience is global.

We’ve worked around the world, developed partnerships and managed aerial services for a variety of industries.

  • Developed AOC Partnerships in Latin America, Argentina, Papua New Guinea
  • Developed pipeline stringing and stacking operation for Petronus – Sabah Gas Pipeline Borneo
  • Pennsylvania pipeline for Meridien Energy – Marc I Hub Line
  • US Heavy Lift Aircraft certification in Peru
  • Drilling and pipeline operations support
  • Facilitating research and development with vacuum lift under the aircraft for pipeline stringing and stacking.

We provide heavy-lift operations solutions for remote locations:

Our Team Tim Stinson Stinson Aerial Services is managed by Tim Stinson

Stinson has many years of aviation experience, particularly helicopter management for the forestry and the oil and gas industry. Prior to founding Stinson Aerial Services, Tim was Operations Manager for the Oil & Gas Segment and Global Business at Erickson Air-Crane Inc.

Thinking Partners

Dave Heyes

Dave has in excess of 37 years in the forest industry working for both licensees and as a logging contractor. He has held roles in operational, financial and business development positions in both Coastal BC as well as SE Asia. Starting with Weldwood of Canada in the early 1980’s Dave has also worked for, Canadian Air-Crane, Haida Enterprise Corporation, Western Forest Products and Mission Tree Farm. Dave was involved in negotiating the land exchange between Katzie/Kwantlen and the District of Mission. Dave’s extensive experience managing global helicopter operations will be vital to the success of Stinson Aerial’s ventures.

Lynne Rozenboom

Whether as an Executive Director, Manager, Executive Coach or Community Development, Volunteer & Fundraising professional, Lynne has been involved in the not for profit sector and business sectors for more than 30 years. Lynne holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training, a Diploma in Recreation Management and Certificates in both Nonprofit Management and Executive Coaching, Lynne strives to explore to understand, create positive change and share knowledge. Lynne believes growth and resiliency begins with a commitment to stepping fully into leadership in all of our actions and relationships thereby enhancing & strengthening people, organizations, business and the communities around us. Lynne continues to support and develop people, organizations and communities believing it is by sharing our gifts, experiences, expertise, creativity and passions that we can all have positive impact in our worlds. 

Allard Ockeloen

Allard is currently the CEO and Director of Storm Mountain Development Corporation where he spearheads the acquisition and development of Storm properties. Following a successful career in the semiconductor industry, Allard was Director of Projects for Sorenson Fine Homes and King Edward Bay Development Corporation. Allard’s passion for UAV airspace development and his diverse experience in financial-related activities, strategic planning, investor relations, and institutional financing will be utilized in his role with Stinson Aerial.

We are proud of our relationships Our Partners

Here’s a short list of those who have already seen the quality of our services in practice: