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Aerial Operations

Industries We Serve

Stinson Aerial Services Inc. coordinates multi-craft platforms that maximize value for the oil & gas, energy, and forestry industries.

Oil & Gas

When you need to take to the sky, we’ll develop a cost-effective plan that puts the right aircraft, personnel, and paperwork in place.

Get your operation off the ground with Stinson Aerial

We help Oil & Gas companies get their operations off the ground. We’ll source, plan, coordinate and manage aerial services to extend the drilling or exploration season, maximize value and reduce your environmental impact.

At Stinson Aerial Services we believe that you should partner with best to anticipate challenges in pipeline construction which is why we collaborate with the experienced team at Pipestone Projects to provide logistical expertise on pipeline projects. Pipestone has decades of experience in pipeline construction cost estimates which provides valuable input on developing a pipeline aerial solution.

We can help you with:

  • Early deployment of equipment, materials and supplies
  • End-of-season recovery of stranded equipment
  • Spill remediation
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) support
  • Precision placements
  • Pipeline stringing and stacking
  • Lift services for drill rigs and platforms
  • Medevac


No road? No Problem.

Construction can start with Stinson Aerial Services. Our project managers will handle the permits, the procurement of aircraft and experienced personnel for the construction of power grids, transmission towers, or other types of energy infrastructure.

We’ll manage your aerial service, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to the project schedule.

Use our aerial services for help with:

  • Precision placement (anti-rotation)
  • Erection, replacement or removal of transmission towers
  • Power grid construction
  • Heavy-lift
  • Lattice tower removal
  • Wind power construction (precision placement of wind blades and supporting infrastructure)
  • Row/line clearing


You’ve got a ground crew, let us source and manage your aircrew.

With Stinson Aerial, you’ll always have the right aircraft and the right personnel for the job. From highly experienced long-line operators to a platform of precision lift aircraft, we can find the right fit for your needs.

Work more efficiently and more cost-effectively with our aerial services and project management experience.

Our team can help with:

  • Hydroseeding application
  • Heli-logging operations, including Standing Stem logging and Heavy Lift logging
  • Heavy-lift for transport of equipment
  • Firefighting support (fire suppression and long-line bucket)
  • Personnel transportation/evacuation
  • Drone services

What Our Clients Have to Say

Stinson Aerial has been a project leader on several multi-phase logging operations in the capacity of project manager and consultant.  Stinson was very accommodating toward the success of the projects by using a collaborative approach with all stakeholders in the supply chain – from tree to customer. Their strong forestry and aviation operations background combined with a focus on safety, environment, First Nation engagement and maximizing timber value, all led to successful projects. I would have no hesitation to work with or recommend Stinson for any forestry project, especially when it comes to an innovative and lateral application to forestry management.

Kevin LaCouvée, Transpac Group