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Research & Development

Stinson Aerial Services Inc. continually focuses on advancing the future of drone operations, with a primary concentration on further developing Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capabilities and exploring the integration of heavy lift payload drones.

Our goal is to be industry leaders in safety and operations development of these exciting areas of drone development. Our team is committed to creating innovative drone solutions to increase efficiency, prioritize safety and connect communities.


    Beyond Visual Line of Sight

    Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) involves the drone operator guiding the drone beyond the visible range of the pilot or visual observer.

    Stinson Aerial currently conducts BVLOS operations for emergency services, operating under a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) granted by Transport Canada. BVLOS is presently allowed exclusively through the SFOC process, which necessitates adherence to safety protocols and close collaboration with Transport Canada. We anticipate that BVLOS operations will soon exert a significant influence on both the public and private industry

  • Heavy Lift - Payload

    Heavy Lift - Payload

    Heavy lift drones are specially designed to lift heavy items or loads.

    Typically a heavy lift drone is classified as a drone that can carry over 20kg of payload. Stinson Aerial is currently developing systems and processes specifically for flying payload and moving goods over a distance.

    We are currently looking for partners to provide trial opportunities for research and development of commercial applications.Some applications include:

    • Emergency Services
    • Forestry
    • Connecting remote communities
    • Industrial
  • Mesh Network - Nodes

    Mesh Network - Nodes

    A mesh network is a communication system where multiple drones and ground stations can communicate with each other over a distance.

    In cellular-denied areas, a drone with a dedicated communication node ensures reliable message relay, extending range, capabilities, and safety. This allows for range extension or multiple drones to be controlled reliably, from one control station, regardless of geographic location.

    Uses include:

    • Drone swarm required applications
    • Fleet management
    • Range extension