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Emergency Services


Stinson Aerial Inc. has over 250 nights performing infrared scans for BC Wildfire Services and Alberta Wildfire.

Our background in long distance and high altitude flights over challenging terrain allows us to get the data your agency needs every time. Stinson Aerial has and has identified over 80,000 hotspots on Canadian Wildfires.

Wildfire services offered by Stinson Aerial Services Inc.

  • Wildfire Movement and Detection (Perimeter Mapping)
  • Real Time Visual and Thermal Imagery
  • Hotspot Scanning
  • Post Fire Damage Assessments
  • Fire Prevention
  • Wildfire Risk Assessment

Emergency Management

Drone technology is a force multiplier in any disaster response. By utilizing drones in all four phases of an emergency response, emergency management officials and decision makers will be able to respond more efficiently to disasters.

  • Preparedness / Mitigation

    Preparedness / Mitigation

    Drone data collected before a disaster happens can be used to predict areas that will be highly affected by specific disaster events, critical infrastructure and escape routes can be identified, and building damage assessments can be predicted and automatically identified by machine learning processes after a disaster. Examples of using drone data to mitigate disaster damage could include flood mapping, identifying landslide risks and by creating a building/ infrastructure inventory to automate building damage assessments.

  • Response


    During a disaster, accurate and timely information is vital to decision makers who are responsible for responding to a disaster. Real time streaming imagery and video to an Emergency Operations Centre and to first responders on the ground will dramatically improve any disaster response and save lives. By being able to move resources and respond to areas with high concentrations of injured people, drones can help emergency responders reduce suffering and save lives by doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people in a shorter amount of time.

  • Recovery


    After a disaster, drones can help monitor population movements and concentrations, monitor reconstruction, help in the process of debris management and measure the overall progress of recovery.