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Plan and manage multi-aircraft platforms

Our aerial services help you cost-effectively plan and manage multi-aircraft platforms to maximize value. Our experienced team provides operational oversight to ensure aircraft are operating to efficient and productive targets, and to help minimize your risk.

Supplier Selection

Screen suppliers based on safety record, experience, reputation, insurance coverage, the suitability of aircraft and pilot and engineers’ safety and competency records.


Plan airborne access routes, pick-up, and delivery of equipment and personnel to enable the most cost-effective operation.


Ensure personnel, equipment or project is carried out in a timely manner.

Aircraft Management

Confirm all aircraft and gear are fly-ready and have been maintained to equipment and gear specifications.

Safety Compliance

Conduct external 3rd party audits to ensure adherence to safety regulations and standards.

Cost Tracking

Record and track all expenses to ensure the project remains within budget. Inform the client immediately of any cost overruns.

Contract Management

Negotiate with suppliers to ensure cost-savings and that they adhere to terms of the contract. We also provide mediation to resolve any conflicts that could occur.

Drones Services

Provide Drone Flight Services and mapping analytics including RGB and LiDAR mapping

Industries we serve

  • Oil & Gas

    Get your operation off the ground with Stinson Aerial.

    The road might be impassable or non-existent. The weather and terrain, unforgiving. Extend the construction window and get your job done with Stinson Aerial Services.

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  • Energy

    No road? No problem.

    Construction can start with Stinson Aerial Services. Our project managers will handle the permits, the procurement of aircraft and experienced personnel for the construction of power grids, transmission towers, or other types of energy infrastructure.

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  • Forestry

    You’ve got a ground crew, let us source and manage your air crew.

    With Stinson Aerial, you’ll always have the right aircraft and the right personnel for the job. From experienced air-crane operators to night-vision-certified aircraft, we can find the right fit for your needs.

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Why work with Stinson Aerial?

Aerial services are the hardest to keep under control. One misstep and your operation is in the red. Prevent project estimating, budgeting, planning and logistic missteps with Stinson Aerial Services.

Stinson Aerial's strong forestry and aviation operations background combined with a focus on safety, environment, First Nation engagement and maximizing timber value, all led to successful projects.

Kevin LaCouvée, Kaatza Group of Companies
  • Reduced aerial contract costs
  • Realistic schedule targets
  • Experienced aerial services project management team
  • Expedited regulatory approval
  • No costly camp or road construction costs
  • Timely paperwork completion
  • Experienced aircraft personnel
  • Safety-compliant aircrafts
  • Aircraft maintenance checks