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Drone & Helicopter Experts

We create innovative drone solutions to improve efficiency, prioritize safety, and connect communities.

Aerial Services Drones

Our drones are equipped with advanced sensing equipment to assist in site surveys and inspections, even in the most complex environments. We use our drones to mitigate risks and costs while optimizing data capture efficiency in environmental research, forestry, energy, city planning, and more.

Aerial Services Helicopters

Our aerial services help you cost-effectively plan and manage multi-aircraft platforms to maximize value. Our experienced team provides operational oversight to ensure aircraft are operating to efficient and productive targets to help minimize your risk.

What we do We Deliver Results With integrity and innovation

Stinson Aerial Services Inc. can source, plan and manage aerial services for your next project. We are aviation experts with experience from all facets of the aviation industry and leverage our experience to help you with supplier selection, logistics and scheduling, aircraft management, cost tracking and contract management and other aspects of your project.

Industries we serve Drones


Optimizing forest management activities safely from a centralized service landing.


Track and map wildfires and ensure the safety of the team.

Incident Response

Preventing & responding to accidents requires detailed knowledge of the situation.


Help identify damage and wear before it becomes a more serious problem.

Environmental Services

Saving ecosystems through change, health, terrain, conservation modelling and monitoring.


Providing efficient solutions to energy management and inspections.

Industries We Serve Helicopters

Oil & Gas

The road might be impassable or non-existent. The weather and terrain, unforgiving. We have solutions.


No road? No problem. Don’t let lack of accessibility slow your project.


No road? No problem. Don’t let lack of accessibility slow your project.