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Aircraft In 2-Pass Grapple Configuration Delivers High Value And Increases Margin Safely

In May, Stinson Aerial Services completed a BCTS Timber Sale in Burman River, British Columbia, where 3 aircraft were used in configuration to accumulate over 613 flight hours on an hourly basis over a 37-day period. Stinson Aerial developed a positive relationship with the Gold River – Mowachaht / Muchalaht First Nation throughout the project. Managing their cultural interests was a top priority, which included falling and yarding around culturally significant CMT’s.

The heavy-lift S-64 Aircrane, capable of 20,000lbs of lift and leased by Western Forest Products, yarded 82% of the volume and worked concurrently with the K-Max, a 6,000lb aircraft operated by HeliQwest Avation, to yard over 45,000m3 using a grapple system. A B206, supplied by E&B Helicopters, was also used to support the project.

Stinson Aerial Services was Prime Contractor for the operation and provided the supervision, project management, and quality control services under the aircraft while contracting two falling companies, with a rotation of 12 fallers to complete the project.

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