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Stinson Aerial crews successfully pass the Hinton Grid Matrix Test to conduct Thermal drone scanning operations for the Province of Alberta.

Leaving Courtenay Base on the eve of the BC May Long Weekend, 3 of our wildfire crew members, all of which are Advanced Pilots took to the highway to head to Hinton, Alberta. This test was the last step for Stinson Aerial Services Inc. in the pathway to securing a 2 year – Call When Needed contract with the Wildfire Management Branch of the Government of Alberta. Troubleshooting is a major piece to wildfire operations as you fly drones at night, beyond visual line of site and usually without the aids of wifi or cell coverage. Arriving in Hinton presented its own challenges ahead of the testing! Fortunately, at the last minute before the first set of flights, our GIS analyst was able to develop a new workflow to allow us to compete in the examination. The judges’ heads hung low at the time we competed as the judges had observed several companies try and fail the Gird Matrix Test. Spirits were looking up as our Chief Pilot completed the first grid, just in time and we achieved the 5m accuracy for each hot spot that was to be identified. WIth this knowledge and experience in hand our next pilot finished the grid test with extra time and achieved a slightly higher score on accuracy. We are one of 2 companies in Canada approved by the Government of Alberta for drone IFR scanning on wildfires.

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