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Stinson Aerial Services receives UAV SFOC from Transport Canada for Comox Valley

Stinson Aerial Services Inc. is expanding its Aerial Services offering into the DRONE/UAV market. “With over 18 years of heavy-lift helicopter operations management experience, this was a natural next step into advancing the aerial services business platform into this highly versatile airspace. Looking ahead the company intends to provide a platform of aircraft that will include payload capability” said Tim Stinson, Managing Director of Stinson Aerial.

On October 3, Stinson Aerial Services Inc. received a Special Flight Operations Certificate for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operations. The SFOC was required for an Aerial Videography and Photography for an architectural DRONE survey operation in the Comox Valley.

“Pursuant to section 603.67 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, this constitutes your Special Flight Operations Certificate(SFOC), for the operation of a small unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system operated within visual line-of-sight, issued under the authority of the Minister pursuant to the Aeronautics Act.”

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